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How To Control Autoscroll Feature Glider

By default, your featured articles will change automatically each 7 seconds. To change the time period between featured articles, you will need to make one little change within the slideshow.js file, which is found within the /js folder in your theme folder.

When you open this file, you’ll see this code at the top:

$slideshow = {
  context: false,
  tabs: false,
  timeout: 7000,      // time before next slide appears (in ms)
  slideSpeed: 1000,   // time it takes to slide in each slide (in ms)
  tabSpeed: 1000,      // time it takes to slide in each slide (in ms) when clicking through tabs
  fx: 'fade',   // the slide effect to use

You’ll need to change the “7000” to the timeout length your prefer. 7000 = 7 seconds. If you want to turn off the autoscroll feature completely, change the 7000 to 0.

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  1. Rafael Arbulu says:

    Hi. How are you?

    I’m using the WP-Genius theme and gotta say that I’m impressed. It’s very customizable and it doesn’t require any kind of in-depth knowledge of webdesign, which means its perfect for a noob like me.

    I have a few questions, though:

    1) On the featured content section, I selected posts that got images on them, and I downloaded and activated the Get Image Plugin. Somehow, though, only two of the five featured posts are showing up. The others are there, but their images don’t show, and because of that, they don’t appear on the scroll.

    2) About the auto-scroll timeout, you said that if I wanted to turn it off completely, I’d have to change the timeout code line from 7000 to 0. I got that, but my questions is, if I turn autoscroll off completely, will it become uncontrolable at all or the user will get to choose which post s/he wants to see? Will there be some kind of arrows pointing back and forward, some numbers or balls or something like that?

    As far as I got on the development of my website, those are the only questions I stumbled upon. Thanks in advance and congratulations again!

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