Install and Set-Up Guide

Step 1 – Upload the Theme Files to Your WordPress Site Option 1: Upload Via WordPress Dashboard If you are using WordPress 2.8 or above, you can install the theme’s .zip file directly from your WordPress Dashboard. This simplifies things since you don’t need to use FTP: When viewing the WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance 

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How to set Theme Options

To set Theme option in your dashboard goto Theme Options. In it there are 10 options available:- Header – In header section, you can set whether you want to keep your header section sticky or not. You can set its top and bottom margin. Logo & favicon – In this section, you can set the 

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How to Add Post Thumbnails

Adding thumbnail images to your posts is pretty simple. Follow the short guide, and you’ll know all you need to know. If you upload an image to your post, your Solostream theme will automatically display a post thumbnail unless you deactivate this feature on the Theme Settings page under “Basic Site Settings.” After you upload 

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