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Video: Day of the Long Tail

Via Ann Michael

The Top 5 Ways to Irritate Your Blog/Website Visitors

So, you want to irritate your website visitors? You say you want to provide a lousy experience for them and practically guarantee they never return? Here are 5 ways to make it happen.

46 Best Ever Free Software Utilities

If you’re not into paying for software (like me), here’s a great list of free stuff from Gizmo Richard. “Listed below are 46 different freeware categories with my selection of the best products in each category. The list is ordered by program function rather than merit so you’ll get the most out of it by […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress 2.0

After four weeks in existence, Google still hasn’t indexed this site yet. Naturally, I’ve been looking around like a madman for Wordpress 2.0 SEO tips to help speed the process. There’s a lotta good stuff out there, and here are some of the tips I’ve discovered.

Windows-Based Free Software

nedwolf – Free Software – Windows Freeware – This is a most impressive display of free software. Never buy another piece of software again. Sorta.

10 Tips For Writing Better Articles

I actually wrote this article a few years ago (before blogs rose to prominence), so it may seem a bit out of date. I think there’s still some good tips in it though, so have at it.

Logos Aren’t What’s Important

People often confuse logos with what’s really important – the brand image (what people think and feel about the company). Whisper Blog uses Ricoh as an excellent example of such confusion. By definition, the logo is merely the brand (i.e. the symbol). “A logo is not a brand strategy. A logo is instead a graphic […]