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Here’s a Post With Some Images and Lists

This is the H1 Heading

Inside of this test data section, you need to recreate the core HTML and XHTML and CSS styles that you will use within your WordPress Theme. For instance, above is the heading for the H1 HTML tag, which might contain a graphic in some Themes, or actually control the size of the font and text within your header. You need to know what that will look like as part of structuring your styles.

This is the H2 Heading

While WordPress assigns the H1 and H2 headings to specific places, such as the header and post title, not always are they in the same places. For your Theme, the H2 might be the post title, or it might be used in the sidebar for the section titles, and the H3 is used for the post title. You need to know what each looks like and identify it on your Theme and layout.



Test Post 6

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