How to Set Up a YouTube Videos Page

To set up a YouTube Videos page like the one shown here, follow this simple guide.

1. Create a new page

2. Select the YouTube Videos template under “Page Attributes”

3. Give the page a title

4. Create a new custom field named “ytfeed” without quotes

If you don’t see the “Custom Fields” meta box, click the “Screen Options” tab in the upper right corner and select it from the list of options.

5. Choose how you’d like videos shown, then for the custom field value, enter the YouTube RSS feed you want to use. Below are some examples (don’t include brackets where you see them):

  • Uploads
  • Playlist[playlist_id]?v=2

    You get your playlist ID from the URL. Note that it begins with “PL” but don’t include that.

  • Favorites[username]/favorites.rss

6. Then just publish the page

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