How To Control Autoscroll Feature Glider

By default, your featured articles will change automatically each 7 seconds. To change the time period between featured articles, you will need to make one little change within the one of the theme files. The file you need to change is the slideshow.js file, which is found in the /js directory within your WP-Prolific theme folder.

Simply open the file with your favorite text editor, such as Notepad, and find this line of code near the top:

timeout: 7000, // time before next slide appears (in ms)

If you want to completely turn off the autoscroll function, simply change “7000” to “0” (that’s a zero). If you want to lengthen the time between featured articles, simply increase the “7000” (7 seconds) to a higher number, such as 10000, if you want there to be 10 seconds between featured articles.

Once you are done, save the file and upload to the /js directory within your theme folder.

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