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How to Install and Set Up WP-Genius

It doesn’t take a lot to install and set up your new WordPress theme. Read on, and you’ll have it knocked out in a snap.

How to Set Up Your Home Page Featured Content Section

If you look at the home page of this site, you’ll clearly see the featured content glider at the top. It’s very simple to add the featured content glider to your site. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have it done lickety-split.

Step 1 – Activate Featured Content on the WP-Genius Theme Settings Page

Near the top of the WP-Genius Theme Settings Page, you will see a setting titled “Featured Content on Home Page.” Simply select yes and save your changes. The default setting will display up to 5 featured articles in the glider. However, you can display an additional 4 featured articles beneath the glider by changing the “How Many Featured Articles” setting to 9. The theme will display either the most recent 5 or 9 featured articles in reverse chronological order.

Step 2 – Select Some Posts to be Displayed in the Featured Content Section

If you want a post to appear in the featured content section, simply tag the post as “featured” (without the quotes). To add a tag, simply find the “Post Tags” box on the right side of the Write Post screen and enter it there. NOTE: The slug for the “featured” tag must be featured for the featured slider to show posts. If this is not possible, you may instead replace “featured” with “featured-2” (or the current post tag slug) in the features.php template. In addition, you must have at least two featured posts for the slider to work properly.

Step 3 – A Few Words About Featured Content Images

1. Featured Content Image Size: The ideal size for an image in the featured content glider is 540px wide by 250px height. For a simple, quick and free method to resize images, visit this site.

2. Use the Get the Image Plugin – If you haven’t already done so, you should install and activate this plugin. It will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to using images on your site.

3. Upload Your Image – Once your image is the proper size, simply upload via the standard WordPress image uploader found on the Write Post page (just under the post title).

4. Alternatively, You Can Use a Custom Field – If you prefer, you can simply add your Featured Content image via a custom field. The custom field names you need to use are as follows:

  • For the images that appear in the glider: custom field name = “home_feature_photo,” and the value needs to be the file path to your image (e.g.
  • For thumbnail images: custom field name is “post_thumbnail,” and the value needs to be the file path to your image (e.g.

How To Control Autoscroll Feature Glider

By default, your featured articles will change automatically each 7 seconds. To change the time period between featured articles, you will need to make one little change within the one of the theme files. The file you need to change is the slideshow.js file, which is found in the /js directory within your WP-Prolific theme folder.

How to Write a Post

Don’t let the title of this post fool you … I’m not meaning to insult your intelligence when I imply that your DON’T know how to write a post with WordPress (I’m sure you do). It’s just that there are a few features built into this theme, and it’s worthwhile to tell you how to get the most out of it.

How to Add Post Thumbnails to Your Posts

If you look at the home page of this site, you’ll see that each post below the featured articles has a thumbnail image next to it.

How to Add 125×125 Banner Ads to Your Sidebar

Many people like to display 125×125 banner ads in their sidebar. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add them to your own site.

How to Create a Site Map Page

You may have noticed the Site Map page on this site. That’s done with the built-in Site Map template, and it’s easy for you to create a site map for your own WP-Vybe driven site.